The SACAP CPD Conditions, published as a Board Notice by SACAP in 2017 in the Government Gazette, mandate SAIAT as a recognised Voluntary Association to present and to validate Category 1 CPD events.


SAIAT present a number of Category 1 CPD Workshops on a national level for which CPD or Attendance Certificates are issued to delegates. These are posted for a limited period on this website.


The SAIAT Regions also presents a number of Category 1 activities and combined CPD certificates for each event are posted on this website.


SAIAT validated a number of third party Category 1 CPD event providers and copies of the attendance registers are posted on this website.


As per the SACAP CPD Conditions it is and remains the duty of the registered professional attending these activities to keep record of attendance.


SAIAT keeps records of attendance per event. It is impossible to keep individual records for each professional attending an event.


To download the certificates you need to have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed.


Please download from here:


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